Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any outlet?

No Sir/ Mam. We are food catering service provider. You will find us in food panda app. Please search AusBD Kitchen-Gulshan on foodpanda apps.

How to place order?

To place order you can order through our hotline (01841-512871)

Is there any minimum Order Quantity for order food?

our minimum order quantity daily 10 box and weekly at least 5 days.

what is our delivery area?

We deliver Tejgaon, Mohakhali, MohakhaliDoHS, Niketon, Gulshan, Banani, Bashundhara R/A, Panthapath, Faramgate, BaridharaDohs, Badda, Karwanbazaar, Green Road, Natunbazaar.

Do you have any delivery charge?

we deliver lunch box free on regular basis for minimum order quantity 10 box regularly & 5 days weekly.

Do you arrange Party and Corporate Event?
sir, please share your contact number for any party or corporate event.
Our customer service will contact with you.
When do you deliver food?

Delivery Charge Free. Our Delivery Time: 12.00 PM- 1.30 PM (For Lunch), 8.00 PM- 9.00 PM (For Dinner)

What about your food quality, quantity, and taste? Is it possible to taste your food before ordering?

Quality: We hand-pick fresh and premium quality produce and ingredients from reliable suppliers and prepare the food in a neat and clean kitchen maintaining health and hygiene best practices.

Quantity: We provide top quality food in sufficient quantity especially rice based and non-countable items like Polao, Kacchi, Biryani, Jorda, and Firni, etc. As for meat, we have industry leading standard that no one in the market can even think of. For example, most catering providers feed 8-10 persons with one kg beef or mutton. But our ratio is 1:6 i.e. one kg of beef or mutton is allocated for 6 persons. Countable items like Roast, Kabab, etc are given as per order.

Taste: Taste, as the customers say, is super delicious. Our kitchen team consisting of carefully selected cooks is exceptionally good at preparing scrumptious food to highly satisfy your taste bud.

As for food tasting before ordering, we regret to tell you that we don’t have physical office or shop and thus we can’t offer this opportunity. However, you can give us the opportunity to serve you for the first time and make you a lifetime customer.  All our customers are highly satisfied with our super delicious food and fabulous service and have become our repeat and loyal customers.

Do you have waiter to serve the food? How much is the charge?

Yes, we do have premium quality cutlery and crockery items as you’ve mentioned in your question. Please find the rental charge here. Delivery charge will also apply.

How can I contact you?

Yes, we have well-trained and well-groomed waiters ready to serve you onsite and offsite. Within our coverage area the charge is 600 tk per waiter.